PUSSYCAT ASSASSiNS is a comic series created by John Riley & Jonas Ledecky.​​​​​​​ currently being Published monthly by Playboy (Czech Edition). 2018 – ongoing.
JOhn Riley
He's bald.
Jonas is a comic book artist and writer.
He's the co-creator of 'Pussycat Assassins' (Playboy, 2018 – ongoing) and the sole creator of 'KiWi' (Primus, 2009; Albatros, 2017)'The Empress' (Playboy, 2018 – ongoing), and 'Kitty Style' (Playboy, 2018 – ongoing) and the writer and artist on 'Kapsy' (Euromedia, 2018) the comic book adaptation of Karel capek's tales from two pockets. Jonas also was the head artist on a graphic novel about the holy roman emperor Charles IV. – 'Karel IV. Pan sveta' (Albatros, 2016).
Jonas is probably best known for designing his sister's (the double Olympic Gold medalist and a multiple World Champion – Ester Ledecka) racing suits and creating her trademark superhero look.